4 Things An Arborist Can Assist You With

Posted on: 16 March 2021

An arborist is an individual who has been trained in how to take proper care of trees. A certified arborist has undergone specific training and has demonstrated training and knowledge by taking a test to obtain a certification that shows one's knowledge. You can hire an arborist, and they will work to help you take care of your trees.

1: Pruning

First, an arborist can help take care of your pruning needs. They will let you know the best time to prune your trees, based on the type of tree you have. The arborist will let you know how to prune the tree to take care of the trees' health and appearance.

2: Emergency Tree Care

Second, an arborist can help you with emergency tree care. If you have a damaged tree in a storm, for example, an arborist can help you figure out how to trim your tree to keep the tree and your property safe. If you think a tree is infected in some manner, an arborist will evaluate your tree and let you know if the tree is suffering from an infection or disease.

From there, the arborist will work with you to figure out how to protect your tree. It may need to be sprayed with an insecticide; they will let you know. They will work with you to protect your trees from disease and infection and will let you know if the tree can't be saved.

3: General Plant Health Care

Third, an arborist can help you with general health care. They can test the soil and let you know what type of fertilizer you need to apply to your trees. They can give you advice on how to mulch around your trees. They will let you know if you need to protect your trees against any particular insects or diseases in your area.

4: Plant New Trees

Fourth, an arborist can help evaluate your property and let you know what type of trees would be best for your property. They can help you pick out suitable trees for your property. They can help you find and plant the trees as well.

If you want help with the trees on your property, you will want to hire an arborist. An arborist can help with pruning and tree removal. They can provide emergency tree care and advice, help with general tree care, and even help you select and plant new trees.

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Keeping Your Trees Healthy

About a year ago, I realized that our front trees were starting to look a little funny. Some of the leaves were wilted, but we weren't anywhere near autumn. The bark on the trunk also seemed to be rotting away, which was frustrating and disappointing. Fortunately, a friend of mine told me to call a professional arborist for help. He came out, inspected the trees, and injected some special pesticides into the trunk. Within a few months, they started to look a lot better. Our arborist also trimmed our trees to reduce the weight load on the branches and to improve their shape. Check out this blog for information about tree trimming.