Reasons To Prune Your Trees During Winter

Posted on: 11 February 2022

Although many people like to prune their trees during the winter season, this doesn't imply you cannot prune during the other seasons. Pruning during the summer and spring seasons offer different benefits, like addressing dead wood, which you cannot identify during the cold season. Review some reasons why you should consider tree services during winter.

Winter Pruning Minimizes Pest Infestations and Diseases  

There are many pests and diseases that attack trees through pruning cuts during the cold season. This is the reason many people like pruning during the other months. However, specific trees are susceptible to pest infestations and disease during winter.

For example, the oak tree is vulnerable to oak wilt and beetle infestations in the winter season. Since oak wilt is a dangerous fungal disease, you should prune oak trees during the cold weather.

Winter Is the Perfect Time to Spot Diseased or Dead Branches

The cold temperatures and strong winds make it challenging to prune trees in winter. This is why many people prefer to prune during the summer and spring seasons. However, this is the ideal time to prune trees because there is no foliage to destruct your vision.

This makes it easier to identify and remove diseased or dead branches. Furthermore, branches growing the wrong way are visible. 

Winter Pruning Is Less Stressful for Trees

Winter pruning doesn't promote new growth. This is because the tree is dormant. Pruning before dormancy, like during late fall, can damage, disfigure, or even kill the tree.

Studies show that pruning when the buds aren't open can cause wound closure. Therefore, trees can recover from pruning cuts before the warm weather, which comes with destructive pathogens and insects.

Winter Pruning Promotes Safety

Winters are very snowy and windy, and these conditions are very precarious. Trees with brittle branches pose a grave danger to people and property. Getting rid of the branches ensures the safety of the nearby residents.

However, it's worth noting that you shouldn't risk pruning when the temperatures go below freezing. This can be harmful to the trees. Consult an arborist about the ideal time to prune based on your location and the trees in your compound.

Winter Pruning Stimulates Increased Growth

When you prune dead or diseased trees, energy isn't wasted on misshapen branches. This energy goes to healthy branches. This maintains the health of your trees and promotes increased growth.

Furthermore, trimming before spring prepares trees for prolific growth. Trees increase their yield and grow vigorously when trimmed during the winter season.


Keeping Your Trees Healthy

About a year ago, I realized that our front trees were starting to look a little funny. Some of the leaves were wilted, but we weren't anywhere near autumn. The bark on the trunk also seemed to be rotting away, which was frustrating and disappointing. Fortunately, a friend of mine told me to call a professional arborist for help. He came out, inspected the trees, and injected some special pesticides into the trunk. Within a few months, they started to look a lot better. Our arborist also trimmed our trees to reduce the weight load on the branches and to improve their shape. Check out this blog for information about tree trimming.