2 Questions About Mosquito Service

Posted on: 29 June 2022

Mosquito control programs fight to minimize the spread of infections such as malaria and dengue. But, it isn't easy to eradicate these insects, especially in highly infested areas. Moreover, the process requires cooperation from the communities living in the mosquito-affected areas.

The professionals test for current mosquitoes' infections and pinpoint the insects' original habitats. Then, they clean potential breeding grounds to reduce the risk of outbreaks. But, first, you need sufficient information about why these services are essential to contribute to this process.

Explore two common questions to help you understand the importance of mosquito removal services.

1. Why Should You Opt for Mosquito Control Services?

The main reason you should opt for mosquito control services is to reduce the chances of fatal infections. However, ignoring the painful bites these insects may leave behind is also not easy. Nuisance mosquitos are just as bad as those that spread viruses. And, since their bite will trigger itchiness on your skin, you may have to contact a dermatologist for relief medication.

Some of the most common risk factors for mosquito invasion include pools of stagnant water and thickets. Mosquito control service providers focus on protecting your area from a mosquito invasion or eradicating an infestation. To achieve this, they apply barrier spray in potential mosquito habitats. They may also use spray that kills the mosquitos and their eggs.

2. What Does the Process of Mosquito Control Entail?

Mosquito control services are diverse and don't just involve one-time spray procedures. The key target areas for the integrated mosquito control programs include:

  • Surveillance. This process involves the determination of the general mosquito situation in an area. Then, service providers trap and test these insects to determine the problematic species.
  • Source reduction. Source reduction eliminates mosquito habitats. This move reduces the number of areas where mosquitoes lay and hatch eggs.
  • Larvicide control measures. Mosquitos get eliminated by applying chemical or biological agents while still in the larvae stage. For example, they may introduce natural predators, oils, and bacteria into mosquito habitats.
  • Adulticide control measures. This method applies in areas where these insects are all grown. Usually, the experts use sprays to eradicate the mosquitos from the infested area.

Insect control programs usually combine the above methods to eradicate every mosquito at every stage.


A mosquito infestation in your home and neighborhood might prove inconvenient. It also exposes you to potentially dangerous infections. Therefore, contact a reliable mosquito removal service company for expert advice and eradication measures once you spot signs of mosquito infestations.


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