The Potential Risks Of DIY Tree Trimming

Posted on: 26 January 2023

Many people try to cut the costs of cleaning and maintaining their yards. This is the reason why DIY tree trimming is popular among homeowners. However, the dangers involved with DIY tree trimming make it more costly than hiring an arborist. Understanding the risks of trimming trees on your own will help you acknowledge the importance of hiring a professional to do it. 

Tree Damage

It is crucial to have a basic knowledge of trees when trimming them. Making the wrong cut may weaken the tree or make it susceptible to disease. Some common DIY trimming mistakes include the use of dull tools, over-trimming, flush-cutting, and topping the tree.

Arborists undergo years of education and on-job training, making them fully equipped to take on the task of trimming your trees. Professionals know the right equipment to use for trimming and will produce accurate cuts that improve the aesthetics of your yard while ensuring the healthy growth of your trees.

Power Line Problems

Many trees grow near utility lines. This makes it dangerous to maintain them. When you are close to these lines when trying to cut off a branch, you could be easily electrocuted.

Professionals come with the appropriate safety gear when dealing with trees that are near power lines. The arborist will ensure they cut branches at the right angle to prevent disrupting electricity or damaging your property.

Falling Branches and Limbs

When a novice makes the wrong cut when trimming a tree, branches may fall where they had not planned. This can injure anyone who is on the ground. Also, branches and limbs can be flung in multiple directions when a falling tree hits the ground. This increases your risk of being struck. Professionals usually have escape routes for branches or limbs falling the wrong way.

In some cases, trimming involves climbing great heights to reach the tree branches. DIYers often don't have the appropriate safety gear for this task. This makes them more likely to fall.

Arborists come with safety ropes and harnesses. They also wear hard hats, safety goggles, work boots, and gloves. These precautions make them sufficiently prepared for unprecedented incidents or accidents.

Chainsaw Injuries

Many people think that hacking away a tree with a chainsaw is easy. However, although chainsaws provide effective cuts, they are dangerous tools. A chainsaw is unpredictable and can quickly cause serious injury. 

One of the dangers of chainsaws is "kickback" injury. This happens when an operator makes an incorrect cut into the tree, and the tip of the chainsaw bar is pinched. As a result, the chainsaw lunges back toward the operator. 

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Keeping Your Trees Healthy

About a year ago, I realized that our front trees were starting to look a little funny. Some of the leaves were wilted, but we weren't anywhere near autumn. The bark on the trunk also seemed to be rotting away, which was frustrating and disappointing. Fortunately, a friend of mine told me to call a professional arborist for help. He came out, inspected the trees, and injected some special pesticides into the trunk. Within a few months, they started to look a lot better. Our arborist also trimmed our trees to reduce the weight load on the branches and to improve their shape. Check out this blog for information about tree trimming.