• The Potential Dangers Of A Tick Bite

    No one likes the thought of being bitten by a bug or other pest. Unfortunately, however, some creatures do bite and bite regularly, and this includes ticks. Ticks are found in trees, bushes, and in the general outdoors. And, worst of all, their bites can carry many potential dangers. For this reason, it is smart to have your trees and your yard sprayed regularly to help prevent tick infestations. If you're still not convinced that this step is necessary, then consider the many dangers that can come with tick bites.
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  • 4 Things to Do for Your Trees in Winter to Prevent Summer Storm Problems

    Winter may not seem like a time to worry about summer thunderstorms and high winds, but when it comes to your trees, winter is the best time to address these concerns. This is because winter is the prime time to prune and do some basic maintenance on most trees. What you do now could save you major damage when the clouds roll in later. #1: Remove weak wood In most storms, the first branches to come down will be those that are already damaged or weak.
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  • 5 Things You Need To Know About Pruning Fruit Trees

    If you're like many modern homeowners, you're interested in growing some of your own fruits and vegetables in your outdoor living space rather than having a purely ornamental lawn and garden area. Fruit trees used to be a common sight in city, suburban, and rural backyards, and although they disappeared from view for several decades, they've regained popularity in all parts of the country. However, backyard fruit tree care isn't the kind of common knowledge it was back in the day when they were in almost every yard, and today's homeowners sometimes struggle with keeping fruit trees healthy and sound.
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