How Is Gouty Oak Gall Detected And Managed?

Posted on: 11 May 2022

Oak trees are known for their tall stature, intricate leaves, and numerous acorns. If you have one on your property, it is certainly something to be proud of. But part of owning and caring for an oak tree is being aware of the potential ailments it could develop, one of which is gouty oak gall. Here is a guide to detecting and managing this condition. Detecting Gouty Oak Gall Gouty oak gall is basically an infestation that causes big, bulbous swellings to grow on the branches of an oak tree.
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Bucket Truck Tree Services For Homeowners

Posted on: 13 April 2022

As beautiful as trees are, they can be difficult to maintain when a homeowner does not have enough spare time in their schedule to do so. Unfortunately, when trees are not properly taken care of, they can make a property look unappealing and not as valuable as it actually is. If you are a homeowner who has a substantial number of large trees that you have been unable to take care of, the problem can be resolved by hiring professionals to perform the task.
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How To Put Sawdust From Stump Grinding To Good Use

Posted on: 18 March 2022

Tree stump grinding leaves you with a pile of sawdust, which inspires the question of what to do with the sawdust. You can use what may seem like a waste pile in creative and useful ways. Because the tree stump grindings are biodegradable, you could repurpose them around your yard. One or more of the tips discussed below come in handy after stump grinding. Convert To Mulch Mulch is a common and practical way to use stump grinding leftovers.
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Reasons To Prune Your Trees During Winter

Posted on: 11 February 2022

Although many people like to prune their trees during the winter season, this doesn't imply you cannot prune during the other seasons. Pruning during the summer and spring seasons offer different benefits, like addressing dead wood, which you cannot identify during the cold season. Review some reasons why you should consider tree services during winter. Winter Pruning Minimizes Pest Infestations and Diseases   There are many pests and diseases that attack trees through pruning cuts during the cold season.
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