Drought Got You Worried About Your Trees? 3 Simple Ways To Get Them The Water They Need

Posted on: 23 October 2015

If you live in a region affected by drought, you're probably facing water restrictions. If that's the case, your landscaping may be suffering from the drought, as well. You might have decided to replace your grass with drought-resistant landscaping such as gravel and bark. However, how do you take care of your trees during the drought? Instead of watching your trees die from lack of water, here are three simple ways to help keep them hydrated during the drought.
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Time or Money: You Can't Save Both When You Renovate Your Yard

Posted on: 17 August 2015

Once you have it in your head that you're going to redesign or renovate your yard, it's important to decide what kind of time and money you have to invest in each part of the project. Often, the cheap options aren't fast and the fast options aren't cheap, so be prepared to spend some of both throughout the course of your renovation. There are some specific areas you should carefully consider before making a decision, though, so you know what you'll get out of it for investing either your time or your money in the final result.
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